Oculus 3D

This year inshallah, we’re adding immersive education to the learning experience with the use of Oculus 3D at Wellspring.

Continuing with our emphasis on creativity, our kids will explore sandbox virtual environments like those in Minecraft. They will be able to explore with autonomy and ownership. The experience is a clean open slate for our students to fill in with their imagination.

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the way our students can experience learning. As 3D immersion with virtual reality continues to develop in the field of education with endless possibilities, our students will be at the cutting-edge and ready to receive these new experiences as they are launched.

The day is not far off when history lessons will be learned as a virtual experience. Imagine being on the ship when the first pilgrims arrived in the Americas.


Imagine walking through the streets of Andalus and seeing the marvelous inventions of that era.

With transformed social interaction, it will be difficult for a student to “doze off”. In virtual classrooms, every student can sit right in front of the teacher receiving individual attention for that activity.

Fun is part of creativity at Wellspring and we believe the virtual reality addition will increase student engagement in the classroom. An engaged student is a student who enjoys education and performs better.

Spacial settings now take on a new meaning with 3D immersion and virtual reality. Tomorrow is today at Wellspring.