Learning Arabic as a second language is of prime importance at Wellspring. This year, we are excited to integrate Language Labs into the Arabic language curriculum. The labs will provide an even richer learning experience by the use of interactive multi-media.

A study conducted by the German Institute for International Educational Research found that in a 45-minute language class composed of 10 students, each student only speaks a total of 1 minute.

However, the speaking time of students is drastically increased in a language lab since all students can speak simultaneously and can interact independently. Students getting an increased exposure to the Arabic language will allow them to optimize their practice time.

The language labs will also allow for the students to enjoy multi-media based language activities thereby enhancing the learning experience. Learning a language does not have to be dry and boring.

In an age of technology, gadgets, and apps, it is more exciting for a student to learn new words through engaging in a language lab than to stare at a vocabulary list on paper.