Memorizing the Quran is an integral and daily part of a student’s life at Wellspring. Students who have practiced and followed the Wellspring regimen for memorization have memorized 10 Juz of the Quran in just 5 years. They are now ambitious about their journey towards memorizing the entire Quran.

The Quran Room is a dedicated classroom for memorization where the use of multi-media and iPads facilitate the students’ progress.

One of the key benefits of memorizing the Quran at a young age is that it makes it easy to retain the memory at a later age. Memorizing the Quran not only gives the students and their parents 10 good deeds per letter recited, but also assists in developing a lifetime relationship with the Quran.

Quranic memorization enhances our students’ learning in other subject areas as well. The skill of memorization allows students to learn new concepts by improving their working memory and capacity to learn.

The mental gymnastics performed through rote memorization helps students practice focus and trains the brain to remember.